• whmcs_info

    The shortcode returns user info of logged in user. You can use this to greet customer, show customized message or … Read more →

  • whmcs_if_not_loggedin

    This Shortcode returns a given text only for site visitors (that are not logged into WHMCS). This is good for … Read more →

  • whmcs_if_loggedin

    This Shortcode returns a given text only if user is logged into WHMCS. This is good for showing a message/menu … Read more →

  • whmpress_whmcs_cart

    Displays Cart Items with link to cart. [whmpress_whmcs_cart link_text="My Cart"] Parameters link_text: If not mentioned, default text “Cart” is displayed.

  • whmpress_client_area

    insert this Shortcode to any page where you want to show WHMCS client area Parameters: whmcs_template: Used to mention WHMCS template … Read more →