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Writing Product Descriptions/ Table Details

PTSC treats product descriptions/ table details as data rather than text. It reads descriptions, processes it and then makes pricing tables, large sized comparison tables with sections and pricing sliders.

For Comparison Table & Pricing Slider

PTSC plugin depends on product/ table details you have added while creating tables. You should have your product/ service descriptions written nice and tidy. Below are general guidelines that will help you produce beautiful and clean sliders and tables.

  • For better comparison tables and slider it is advised to have table details in the same order for all the tables. i.e. if you enter Disk Space in the first row in package-1, you should place disk space as the 1st row for rest of packages too.
  • The recommended way of showing your product description is like this. option-name:option-value (option-name semicolon option value)
    • Example
      disk space: 10 GB
      Bandwidth: 1 TB
  • Do not include any HTML in table details
  • Enter each option in a new line

Groups in Comparison Tables

Comparison tables tend to belong in general, and often sections are used to further manage the comparison tables.

  • To divide description into sections, insert sections using –Section Name–
    • Example
      --General Features--
      RAM Guaranteed: .5 GB
      Burstable: 1 GB
      --IP Features--
      Free IPs: 2
      Max IPs: 5
      IPv6: No
      Basic Support: YES
      Documentation: Yes
      Phone Support: No
      Free Email Support: Yes


The three products with descriptions as in attached file(sample description file), will output as following.

  1. Single Pricing Table
  2. Group Pricing Table
  3. Comparison Table
  4. Slider



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