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Using PTSC (Detailed Guide)

PTSC Dashboard gives you a starting point for learning, support or for using the plugin.


There are just three simple steps

  1. Define Tables/ Products
  2. Create Shortcodes/ groups
  3. Use Shortcodes


1. Define Tables/ Products

To use pricing tables, slider or comparison you first need to define tables.

(a) To define a table, hover your mouse on PTSC in your WP site and click on Pricing Tables/ Products. This page lists all defined tables and option to create new ones. Click Add Product button to create the new table.

(b) Fill the fields to add the tables.

  1. Table title:  Your service Name/ Package Name
  2. PayType: Choose the PayType of your service/ product. I
  3. Description: The description is the most important part, as it creates your tables. Enter each table row in a new line. You may separator colon: as separator like this. Separator helps us to separate the key: value pairs for comparison and formatting purposes. The separator is required if you plan to use comparison table shortcode. Diskspace: 10 GB
    Bandwidth: 100 GB
    Free Domain: Yes
  4. Order URL: The URL where users will place the order.Let’s create 3 products here for the sample.


2. Create Shortcodes/ Groups

To use the shortcodes you need select products/tables you created in the earlier step.

(a) To define a group, hover your mouse on PTSC in your WP site and click on ShortCodes/ Groups. This page lists all defined shortcodes/ groups along with the option to create new ones. Click Add Group button to create the new ShortCode/ Group.

(b) Fill in the Title to easily identify the group and a little description (This is only for your reference and is not used on frontend). Once the group is created, click Back to List.

(c) Click Select Products/ Tables and

  • check the products that you want to include in this group. Select products will be included in your Pricing Tables, Slider or comparison. If you have only one table, then just select one table.
  • Select the featured Product (optional)
  • Set the order (optional)

Once done, click Back to List to return to Shortcodes list.


3. Use Shortcodes

Copy the shortcode (Pricing Table, Comparison Table or Slider) that you need to use, and paste it into your WordPress Page.



4. Fine Tuning

Once you place the shortcode, you can change the templates and other settings from PTSC > ShortCodes/ Groups > Group Options





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