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Pricing Table

Pricing Table Displays heading and description of all products selected in a group on one page. Group id and template are the parameters which are already passed when shortcodes run. You can also choose template by Shortcode/ Group option > Select template file.

[ptsc_pricing_table id=""]


  • Description separator: sign used to separate key and value in the description.
  • currency: Used with multi-currency, set the Currency in which price is displayed, if not mentioned nothing is displayed for currency prefix and suffix.
  • billing cycle: Billing cycle of the group, one from monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially, triennially. If skipped, the monthly price is returned.
  • decimals: how many decimals to show
  • Duration style: format to show duration.
    • long = displays complete duration e.g year
    • short = displays short duration e.g yr
    • convert to months = show calculated monthly price based on duration selected in the billing cycle.
  • Select Template File: Choose a template to show pricing table.
  • Number of rows for features: show number of rows in pricing table for features.
  • Hide  Table Group below: width on which you want to hide  table group
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