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Single Pricing Table

Single Pricing Table Displays heading and description of a product selected in a shortcode on one page. shortcode id and template are the parameters which are already passed when shortcodes run. You can also choose template by going to AddShortcode page in  Set options > Select template file.

[ptsc_pricing_table id=""]


  • Description separator: sign used to separate key and value in the description.
  • billing cycle: Billing cycle of the group, one from monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially, triennially. If skipped, the monthly price is returned.
  • decimals: how many decimals to show
  • Duration style: format to show duration.
    • long = displays complete duration e.g year
    • short = displays short duration e.g yr
    • convert to months = show calculated monthly price based on duration selected in the billing cycle.
  • Select Template File: Choose a template to show the pricing table.
  • The number of rows for features: show number of rows in pricing table for features.
  • Hide  Table Group below: width on which you want to hide  table group
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