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WHMCS Client Area (WCAP) is built on core WordPress Plugins standards and works communicate with WHMCS in real time of API.

WHMCS Features

It is focused to facilitate small hosts, and some of the features that are rarely used by small hosts are not implemented as yet. WCOP is under active development and we plan to gradually implement all of following features in future releases.

Following WHMCS features are not available in the current release and will be available in upcoming releases.

  • Subdomain are not supported. (Expected availability, version.3)
  • Log in as a client (Expected availability, version.3)
  • Affiliates (Expected availability, version.3)
  • cPanel login/ webmail and other cPanel actions are not available. (Expected availability, version.3 )
  • Product bundles are not supported (Expected availability, version.3)

Following features are not supported.

  • For Kayako users only – login share with Kayako will not work (however, set the link in menu settings in WP > WCAP > setting)
  • Project Management
  • Third-party modules will not be available.



  • Popup payment options may not work with some payment processors (the one who do not support iframes). In that case, you will need to use Minimal Interface which is much like WHMCS own payment page.
  • Tokenized Payment Gateways (Stripe) are not supported by WHMCS API, and hence, user credit card information cannot be saved during signup. The user will be redirected to invoice after signup and there he will be able to make payment.


  • WP Multisite is not supported
  • For multilingual WHMCS > and for redirecting users from WHMCS core install to WordPress > All languages will be redirected to a single URL.
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