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Trouble Shooting Tips

  1. Debug Info:
    In WP > WCOM > Debug info >
    Make sure all sections are green. If there are RED or ORANGE sections, adjust your PHP and server settings.
  2. No Cache:
    Since all data is fetched from WHMCS in real time, caching will not work, this includes WP-Cache and CloudFlare (or any other services like that)
  3. Do not combine JavaScript:
    WCAP and WCOP rely heavily on JavaScript, and combining JavaScript may result in unpredictable behavior.
    Double check if WP > WCOM > WHMCS Config > WHMCS URL is exactly the same as in WHMCS > Settings > General Settings > WHMCS System URL
  5. SSL Certificate:
    If you are using SSL for WHMCS, Check your WHMCS URL here for SSL problems. https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html
    If you find errors, use WCOM > advance settings  to ignore SSL errors.
  6. Authentication Failure for Invoices:
    The authentication key is not validated during setup but is used for viewing invoices and some other functions, make sure it is setup correctly.
  7. If nothing helps, you can always open a ticket here http://suppport.whmpress.com
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