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Comparison Tables & Sliders – WHMpress Addon


The video explains “Comparison Tables and Sliders – WHMpress Addon” installation process and walk through basic steps to create your first comparison table and slider.
“Comparison Tables and Sliders” is a WHMpress Addon. WHMpress is a plugin that provides solution for WHMCS WordPress Integration. You need to have WHMpress v2.6 or later installed in your WP site to use this addon.

It helps you achieve 3 goals with ease.


    • Make Groups of Pricing Tables


    • Make Complex Comparison Tables


  • Easily make Pricing Sliders



Following are the steps for installing “Comparison Tables and Sliders”:

    • In your WP site, go to Plugins and click on Add New.

    • Click Upload Plugin and select the Comparison Tables and Sliders plugin file located in any of your directory and click on Install Now.

    • Click Activate Plugin to activate the plugin. Thats it, your Comparison Tables and Sliders plugin is ready to use.

    • Click on WHMpress plugin in your WP site and you will see that Slider & Comparison Tables Addon is added to its menu


Basic Steps

Following are the basic steps to create your first comparison table and slider:

    • Click on Slider & Comparison Tables inside WHMpress menu to use it. Click on Add Group to add a group. Here you enter the Group Name, for instance enter Business Packages and any Group Notes and click on Save Group.

    • As you can see in the following image that your group is added successfully. There are few more details for your group. A unique ID is assigned to your group. Shortcodes of Comparison Tables, Slider and Pricing tables are also available. You can just paste them in any WP page to use these comparison tables, sliders or pricing tables. Plans are also part of group details.


    • Notice, currently there are 0 plans for your group. You have the option to Select Plans for your group. Click on Select Plans to manage plans for your group. Select any plans and click on Save Plans in Group. To go back to groups, click on Back to Groups.

    • Notice, now we have 3 plans for our group.

    • To manage settings for your group, click on Configure Options. Here you can do a variety of settings for your groups. These settings include Group Options, Pricing, Table Options, Currency, Slider Options and Billing Cycle.

    • There you go, Comparison tables and Sliders are ready to use. Use them on any page you want using their shortcodes.


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