Domain Search Ajax – Domain Name Spinning & Filtering

This video explains Domain Name Spinning & Filtering. This is an another very handy WHMpress feature. WHMpress is a well known wordpress plugin that makes life easy for all the WHMCS users as it provides easy WHMCS WordPress Integration.

Domain Name Spinning & Filtering feature

Following are the steps to explore Domain Name Spinning & Filtering feature provided by WHMpress.

  • WHMpress allows us the option to change the number of domains to show as per our liking. For this purpose first lets create a new page in WP site by clicking on Add New and name it as domain search ajax
  • Click on Add Element option of Visual composer plugin and click on WHMPress and select the Domain Search Ajax shortcode. This will open Domain Search Ajax Settings box. Use its default settings and click on Save Changes. Now publish the page by clicking on Publish.

  • Click on Settings option on WHMpress plugin. Click the Domain Search tab, inside the Search Options, you will get an option named as Number of domains to show in load more page. Enter any number , lets say we enter 3 in it. Click on Save Changes.
  • Now open your domain search ajax page and search any domain on it. You will notice that you will get 3 search results on this page and once we click the Load More button, it will display 3 more results and so on.
  • What if you want to show only one domain result? WHMpress provides a solution for this as well, simply Disable Domain Spinning. For this go to Domain Search Ajax Settings and select the option Yes in the Disable Domain Spinning drop down menu and publish the page.
  • Now search any domain in the domain search ajax page and you will notice that there is only one search result displayed.

  • WHMpress allows us the option to apply filters to our search. We can either search all domains or search all domains listed by WHMCS.
  • When we search any domain on our domain search ajax page , by default we get all the domain results.
  • We can change this default setting by editing the Domain Search Ajax Settings. If you want to search only those domains that are listed in WHMCS then simply select Only Listed in WHMCS option in the Search in Extensions drop down menu and publish the page.
  • Now again search any domain on the page, this time you will notice that the search results only contain those domains who are listed by WHMCS.
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