Tutorial: How to setup domain search like GoDaddy using WHMpress

This video explains us how we can setup domain search like GoDaddy using WHMpress. WHMpress is a WP plugin that makes integrating WHMCS WordPress a breeze. We will learn how to put domain search on your home page and then show its results on the domains page like the GoDaddy Domain Search.

Setting up Domain Search like GoDaddy using WHMpress

Following are the steps to setup domain search like GoDaddy using WHMpress.

  • GoDaddy and many other popular sites have this feature, when you search any domain name on their home page, they display the search results on their domains page.

  • We can do the same thing using WHMpress also. First, create a new page in WP site by clicking on Add New and name it as Home page
  • Click on Add Element option of Visual composer plugin and click on WHMPress tab and select the Domain Search Ajax shortcode. This will open Domain Search Ajax Settings box. Use its default settings and click on Save Changes. Now publish the page by clicking on Publish. Click on View page to view our page.

  • Search any domain name on your page. Notice the search results are displayed on home page.
  • We can show these results on the domains page. For that, first we need to create the Domains page. Name the page as Domains page. Repeat the same steps for making this page as we did for the Home page.
  • OPTIONAL STEP : You can add another element inside WHMpress tab, named as Price Matrix shortcode, to the Domains page also. Use default settings for the Price Matrix Settings box and click on Save Changes. Publish the page.

  • This is how your Domains page will look like
  • Now we create a link between these two pages by copying the URL of Domains page and putting it in the Search result URL option of domain search ajax settings on home page.

  • Now open the Home page. Search any domain name on it and you will now get the search results on the Domains page.

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