Domain Search

Domain Search is the point where every shared hosting starts, and that’s why it is at top of our 4 tier priority list (visit, 4 things that make vHost a pure hosting theme).

All domain search options are managed in vHost Options > Domain Search Section.

Note: This section will work only if WHMpress is installed and active.

First setting in domain section is “Search Result Page”.Since domain search boxes offered on this section are visible on all pages, they need a central page to show the results. This is usually your domain page, where you will also like to place your domain banners, call to action etc.. This is the page where you will place vhost_domain_search shortcode.

All domain searches performed will show results on this page. In other words your users will be able to perform domain search any where on your website.

You can display domain search boxes either top bar, menu bar or above footer by using selecting options in this page.

Other than this you also have options to use whmpress domain shortcodes, and domain search widgets in any widget area.


Top Bar

Top bar domain search offer a convenient way to offer domain search, without taking an space.


Header/ Menu Domain Search

Domain search link will on right side of menu, 4 different styles are available to show search box.

Simple-1, Simple-2, Big, Full Page overlay, you may select these to see how they fit into your needs.


Footer Banner Domain Search

This displays in form of a banner just above the footer on all pages. You can set your own call to action text, call to action button text and Search Place holder, Search Button text as well.


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