Hands on “Domain Search”

This video explains Domain Search provided by WHMpress thoroughly. WHMpress provides us a complete solution for integrating WHMCS WordPress. We will learn lots of custom facilities provided by WHMpress for doing domain search in this video.

WHMpress Domain Search – A Thorough Review

WHMpress provides us lots of customization facilities for Domain Search. We will explore those facilities here step by step.

  • We have the option to edit the placeholder text of search box and button text of our domain search interface
  • In your WP site, create a new page by clicking on Add New. Name it as domain search ajax.
  • Click on Add Element option of Visual composer plugin and click on WHMPress and select the Domain Search Ajax shortcode. This will open Domain Search Ajax Settings box.
  • In Domain Search Ajax Settings, add Enter domain name to Placeholder box and add Search to Button text box and click on Save changes button. Now publish the page by clicking on Publish and click on View page to view your page
  • You will see that the Domain Search box contains the placeholder text and Search button contains the button text which you added. Search any domain name and the search results will be shown on the page

  • WHMpress domain search also provides you the option to hide or show the WhoIs Link, WWW Link, Price and Years options. Go to the Domain Search Ajax Settings again and change which of these options to display or hide. Now Save and Publish the page. While searching any domain on the page again, you will see that the specified options are shown with the search results.

  • We can show custom messages related to our initial domain search results as well as for the ongoing domain search results to the user. Following are some of the custom messages which we can edit.
  • Click on Settings of WHMpress plugin. Click on Domain Search tab and then click on Custom Messages to edit the required messages you want to display for different situations. You can edit even the text of Load More button. After you are done with editing, click on Save Changes.
  • Now again open the domain search ajax page and search any domain, you will notice the changes in the custom messages
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