Note: You must have a working WordPress install before proceeding. Mostly you can install WordPress using one click installers in your web hosting panel. More info on installing WordPress can be found on WordPress Site.


Step-1. Download Package

Once purchased, you can download vHost immediately or from download section.

If you have selected “All files & documentation”, unzip the package. You theme installation file will be with the name

Alternately if you have downloaded “Install-able WordPress file only”, there is no need to unzip this file and it will be used as its.


Step-2. Upload & Activate

Next step in theme installation is to upload theme, this can be done using either from within WordPress or using FTP.


WordPress Upload

  1. In your WordPress install, navigate to Appearance > Themes
  2. Click Add new, and then Upload Theme
  3. Click Choose File and select (or Install-able WordPress file for themeforest) and then Install Now
  4. Wait for theme to upload and install itself.
  5. Click Activate to activate the theme.
  6. Once activated  you will be forwarded to vHost Setup Wizard, Wizard is designed to setup demo contents in relation with a live WHMCS install. If you are re-installing/upgrading the theme, working on your live website or consider your self an advance user, you may skip the wizard.


Step-3. vHost Setup

Theme will redirect to vHost Setup just after activation. You can also visit vHost Setup from Appearance > vHost Setup

vHost setup does performs following 3 tasks.

  1. Installs Required Plugins
  2. Import demo data
  3. Import WHMCS demo data

If you are upgrading or you dont want to import theme/WHMCS demo data, skip this step.


Step-4. Install Plugins

If you have already performed Step-3 (completed vHost Setup Wizard), skip this step.

Theme comes with 4 plugins packaged in it,

  • vHost Frame Work: It is needed by theme for Shortcodes.
  • WHMpress: Required for operations related for WHMCS. Detailed documentation
  • Visual Composer: Demo contents are created using VC. It is required if you wish to import demo content
  • Revolution Slider: Optional.



Navigate to Appearance > Install Plugins


Install and activate required plugins, one by one. Or by using bulk actions.

Step-4. Demo Content

If you have already performed Step-3 (completed vHost Setup Wizard), skip this step.

To import demo content, open Appearance > vHost option. On options page click Demo Importer and then Import as described below. It will take a few minutes depending on your server speed/bandwidth.


Step-5. Linking to WHMCS

If you have already performed Step-3 (completed vHost Setup Wizard), skip this step.

vHost links to WHMCS through WHMpress, if you wish to link to demo WHMCS install, you can do so using Setup wizard in Step-3.

If you want to link to your Original WHMCS install, click here for WHMpress documentation




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