WHMpress Matching Domain Search

This video explains the WHMpress Matching Domain Search process. WHMpress is a WP Plugin that provides easy WHMCS WordPress Integration.

WHMpress Matching Domain Search Process

Following are the steps for WHMpress Matching Domain Search:

  • You need to tell WHMpress the source of matching templates. For this click on Settings option of WHMpress plugin.
  • Click on Styles and select any option from the drop down menu named as Load matching css/templates from. The options include No Matching Templates, Matching Templates by Theme Author and Matching Templates by WHMpress. Click on Save Changes to apply the changes.
  • Now we apply it on two different themes. Firstly, Install Alaska theme to your WP site.
  • Create a new page by clicking on Add New. Name it as Domain Search Ajax.
  • Click on Add Element option of Visual composer plugin and click on WHMPress and select the Domain Search Ajax shortcode. This will open Domain Search Ajax Settings box. Use the default settings as it is and click on Save changes. Now click on Publish and then click on View page.
  • Enter any domain name in search box and click SEARCH button. The search results will be shown on the page. Notice the theme selected for this page is ALASKA.

  • Repeat the same procedure to get same output of domain search using 3CLICKS theme.

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