WHMpress Matching Pricing Tables

This video explains the WHMpress Matching Pricing Tables process. WHMpress is a WP plugin used for integrating WHMCS WP.

WHMpress Matching Pricing Tables process

Following are the steps for WHMpress Matching Pricing Tables:

  • You need to tell WHMpress the source of matching templates. For this click on Settings option of WHMpress plugin.
  • Click on Styles and select any option from the drop down menu named as Load matching css/templates from. The options include No Matching Templates, Matching Templates by Theme Author and Matching Templates by WHMpress. Click on Save Changes to apply the changes.
  • First we are going to create pricing tables using WHMpress plugin on our site with ALASKA theme installed.
  • Create a new page by clicking on Add New. Name it as Pricing Tables.

  • Click on Add Element option of Visual composer plugin and click on WHMPress and select the Pricing Table shortcode. This will open Pricing Table Settings box.

  • In the General tab of Pricing Table Settings, select any template from the Select template file drop-down menu. We selected alaska-1 template file. Also select any package from the Select Product/Service Package drop-down menu. We selected hostingaccount >> Business-0 (4) package. After your selection click on Save changes.
  • Repeat the above mentioned step two more times by selecting different template files and packages. And put them all together in a row. We can also add an icon to our pricing table, for this click on whmpress tab in Pricing Table Settings and select an icon and click on Save changes. Now click on Publish and then click on View page.
  • You will see the output of 3 different pricing tables with Alaska theme
  • Now we create two pricing tables in a row on our WP site with AVADA theme installed. We repeat the steps which we followed with ALASKA theme.
  • The only change we make is in the whmpress tab of Pricing Table settings, where we select background color for pricing table.
  • We select template files according to the template files available in AVADA. As the pricing tables are set up, we now Publish the page by clicking on Publish. And then we click on View page. We get the following output for our page containing pricing tables built with AVADA theme
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