Note for existing customers: legacy WHMCS client area cannot be upgraded, It will be installed as a new plugin. Details

Download the complete package from code canyon and extract it. It contains two zip files and a readme file

  1. Installable WordPress file
  2. WHMCS addon file for WHMCS
  3. readme.txt

1. Install & Configure WP Plugin

After installing the plugin, visit WHMCS Client Area Menu  WCAP > Settings >

To configure WHMCS Client Area, please enter

  1. WHMCS URL, Admin User, and Password
  2. Enter API Access And Invoice Auth Key,

To define above keys, open configuration.php file in WHMCS root folder

Paste following code in it.

//--- keys for API access ---
$api_access_key = 'replace-me';
$autoauthkey = 'replace-me';

replace keys with random numbers and characters. Remember auto auth key cannot accept symbols. details

Using Client Area: To start using WHMCS Client Area, simply place the following shortcode in a WordPress page.

2. Install and configure WHMCS-Helper

WHMpress helper 3.0 is an integral part of the integration process. It helps WP to communicate with WHMCS more efficiently.

Note: Perform this on your WHMCS installation.

  1. Upload contents of to /modules/addons/ located in your WHMCS install folder.
  2. Then Login to your WHMCS admin panel and activate the WHMpress Helper via the Setup->Addon Modules Menu Item.
  3. If you wish direct visitors to your WHMCS to be redirected to WordPress, Click configure, and enter WordPress Client Area URL (where you have placed [whmcs_client_area] shortcode). There is no need to fill any other value.

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