WHMCS Client Area (API)

Upgrading from legacy WHMCS Client Area Plugin

We are happy to release new WHMCS Client Area based on WHMCS API. Although it is a whole new product with name WHMCS Client Area API (WCAP in short), we are offering it under the same account to support existing customers. Please note that Existing customers should treat it as a new product when it comes to upgrading. They will need to uninstall the legacy client area plugin completely then install and configure this API based client area.

Since the new version is based on WHMCS API, it is more stable, future-proof when it comes to new WHMCS releases. At the same time, some features are not available in initial releases because of limitations in API.

For more information on why a complete rewrite was needed, and what are the missing features/ limitations click here.

For instructions on installing new WHMCS Client Area, click here

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