WHMpress Helper for WHMPress – WHMCS Client Area (WCAP)

WHMCS client Area package from code-canyon includes following zip files. File in red will be used for this step.

WHMpress-helper.-v.x.zip (WHMCS Module)

What it does

WHMpress helper takes WHMCS-WP integration to next level by adding following functionality.

  1. Redirects direct WHMCS users to WHMCS Client Area page in WordPress (this is good for users coming to your WHMCS install using email links)
  2. Provide extended API calls needed for WHMPress Client Area work properly.

[message type=”info”]Note: Perform this on your WHMCS installation.[/message]


  1. Upload contents of whmpress-helper.zip to /modules/addons/ located in your WHMCS install folder.
  2. Then Login to your WHMCS admin panel and activate the WHMpress Helper via the Setup->Addon Modules Menu Item.


For redirection to work, you need to

1) enable it from WHMCS top menu > Setup > Addon Modules > WHMpress Helper > Configure > Enable WordPress URL redirection.


2) Enter Client Area URL in your WordPress installation.


If you notice blank admin screen after uploading the files through ftp, Chances are module files are corrupted during upload. This can occur if files are uploaded using an FTP program in ASCII mode instead of binary,


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