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List all the services you offer along with prices and billing cycles in default currency. Used to show price matrix.



  • html_template: Different templates are available in this shortcode. Here is the choice to choose different HTML templates.
  • html_id: add a custom id to the HTML element for further CSS customization.
  • html_class: Add a custom class to apply to the table.
  • table_id: add a custom id to the table element for further CSS customization.
  • currency: Used with multi-currency, set the Currency in which price is displayed, if not mentioned session currency is used (which user have selected), if no session is found, currency set as default in WHMCS is used.
  • type: comma-separated values of your service groups names or ids. No spaces in comma-separated values.
  • name: comma-separated values of your package names.
  • groups: comma-separated values of your service groups names or ids. No spaces in comma-separated values.
  • billingcycles: Billing cycle of service, one from one-time, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially, triennially. If skipped all billing cycles are returned.
  • hide_columns: comma-separated column names to hide.
  • decimals: how many decimals to show, if skipped no decimals are displayed.
  • show_hidden: weather to show plans set to hidden in whmcs, yes or no.
  • replace_empty: Text to replace empty values, the default value is “x”
  • replace_zero: Text to replace if the package value is zero (free). The default value is “-“
  • hide_search: Yes or No to hide or show search.
  • search_label: This overrides the label for a search field.
  • search_placeholder: This overrides the default value for the search field.
  • data_table: Yes or No to apply data tables or not. To apply data tables you need to enable data table library from WHMpress > settings > styles > Include data tables.
  • hide_columns: accepts comma-separated column names to hide them from price matrix. For example sr,id
  • titles: accepts comma separated title names, if you want to override default titles of price matrix. In this field first title overrides sr, second title overrides ID and so on.
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