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This is where you set your own values to WPDS (WP Domain Search). The page have 4 tabs.

1. Display

This handles the ajax domain search settings that cannot be set in the shortcode.

  1. Select Default CSS theme
  2. Available Message: Message that will be displayed if a domain is available. You can use place holder for domain name using [domain-name]
  3. Not Available Message: Message that will be used if domain is not available. Again you can use placeholder [domain-name] in the message.
  4. Recommended domain list: Message to display before suggestion.
  5. Ongoing domain available Message: Domain available message for Ajax (ongoing domain search) if a domain is available. You can use place holder for domain name using [domain-name]
  6. Ongoing not available: Domain not available message for Ajax (ongoing) domain search.
  7. Register Domain Button Text: Does exactly as label says.
  8. Load more button text: Does exactly as label says
  9. Number of domains: No of domains to search for each Load More click.


2. Shortcode Defaults

Shortcode defaults are the values used if you do not pass any parameters while inserting the shortcodes. Can come in very handy if you plan to use shortcode multiple times. Usually there is not need change these.

  1. Placeholder: Placeholder text for domain search box.
  2. Button Text: Text to display on search button.
  3. Show Whois Link: Show a domain whois link if a domain is not available. Default value is “YES”
  4. Show WWW Link: Show a link to website if a domain is not available. Default value is “YES”
  5. Disable Domain Spinning: If you do not want to show domain availability for rest of domain extensions, set it to “YES”. Default value is “No”
  6. Show tabs in search result: Set to yes if you want to show categorized results in tabs. Default value is “No”



If you use WHMCS, this section is for you.

  1. WHMCS URL: URL to your WHMCS installation. This is the main WHMCS URL and not the admin. The URL is used to construct order URL.
  2. Order Landing Page: There are two options to select.
    1. No of years and Additional domains first.
    2. Go direct to domain settings
  3. Search in extensions: Do you want to search all extensions or only the ones you have in WHMCS. (works only if WHMpress is installed)


4. Other Options:

Load Font Awesome Library: Font awesome is included in almost every theme, WPDS using some fontawrsome icons, for example “spinner” and cart. These icons will not show if your theme is not using fontawesome. Select this option to “YES” in that case. Default Value is “NO”



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