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After 690+ new tlds that have been available for general public in last two years there are over 1000 top level domains. If we include ccTLDs  (with their third level domains) and special purpose TLDs the count exceeds 5000+ mark. Out of which more than 3500 are available for general purpose.

A good domain search that help end users to explore all the options easily is need of time as well as help sellers to categories their offerings according to their buyers. This is where WP Domain Search (WPDS) comes in.

WP Domain Search Offers following features.

  1. Over 5000+ TLDs in database
  2. Make your own categories for domains or show/hide existing categories in search results.
  3. Include/Exclude any domains from the search
  4. Support IDN domains (builtin IDN converter tool)
  5. Tabbed ajax search for end users
  6. Extensive TLD management
  7. Integrates with WHMCS (with or without WHMpress)


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