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WPDS Admin Panel


This video explains the process of using the WPDS Admin Panel. WPDS is a wordpress plugin that makes the process of searching any domain on the web very easy.

Using WPDS Admin Panel

Following are the steps for using WPDS Admin Panel:

    • Click on the WPDS plugin in your WP site and you will get the list of all the options that WPDS provide.

    • Firstly click on the Dashboard. Here you will get an overview of all the features of WPDS.

    • Click on Settings. Here you get settings related to Display, Shortcut defaults, WHMCS and Other.

    • Next comes the Categories. Click on it and this will show the list of categories and allows you to add new categories. Click on Add new Category to add any category by entering all of its details.

    • To edit a category, click on the edit button. Click on Save Category to save any changes.


    • You can also Search any category by typing it in the search box provided in the Categories section.

    • Next feature of WPDS is TLDs. Click on TLDs to view the list of all the tld’s. WPDS provides you a toolbar to search any TLD by applying different filters.


    • Search any TLD based on a combination involving TLD name, Enabled/Disabled, Categories and Domain Type.

    • Click on Edit TLD to edit any tld. Click on Save TLD to save any changes.

    • Click Search Logs if you want to view logs.

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