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WP Domain Search offer a rich interface to help you manage the TLDs that you need to offer. We have included every possible TLD in the list and count stands at 5000+.

Though most of domains in the list are very special purpose (like ARPA and Brand domains, which common users are never interested in) but are included. These domains are set not to include in search by default.

On TLD list page you can search domains using name, category, domain type. You can narrow your search by searching only in domains enabled in search or voice versa.

To edit a TLD click “edit” button.

Add/Edit TLD

It contains following fields.

  1. TLD: Name of extension without dot (.)
  2. Whois Server: Whois server to check domain availability
  3. Domain Availability String: If this string is matched, domain will considered available.
  4. Domain type: Classification of domain, one of following
    1. Classic TLDs
    2. Sponsored TLDs
    3. ccTLDs
    4. New TLDs
    5. Geographic TLDs
    6. Brand TLDs
    7. Test TLDs
    8. Infrastructure TLDs
      Only first five are generally used, all other are disabled in search by default.
  5. Domain Order: You can set the order in which search results should appear.
  6. Enabled in Search: Weather to include in search or not
  7. Select Categories: Select category for this domain, you can select multiple categories.



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