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Ajax domain search

WP Domain Search

Displays a fancy domain search box, and searches for domain availability with all the enabled extension in WPDS database. If WHMCS URL is mentioned, it submits the form to WHMCS for registration.



  • placeholder: Placeholder text for domain text box
  • button_text: Text to show on search button
  • search result URL: specify URL where form will submit
  • Show tabs in result: Show results in tabs (each category appears in separate tab)
  • html_class: CSS class to apply on main wrapper div that holds all other elements.


Displays the ajax domain search. You can set any parameters while inserting the Shortcode as shown in image below. If no parameters are given default values are using.




[wpds_domain_search placeholder=”Enter domain” button_text=”Search” action=”” show_tabs=”no” html_class=”ultids_ds”]

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