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Single Domain Search

This is a simple form of domain search, good if you are offering a few TLDs. TLDs can be displayed in drop down for user to select.


  • button_text: Text to show on search button
  • placeholder: Placeholder text for domain text box
  • show_combo: yes or no, default value is yes.
  • show_tlds: comma separated values of tlds to to list in combo.
  • show_tlds_wildcard: show only tlds matching with given string. Very useful if you want to show only tlds related to your country, e.g. β€œ.in”
  • html_class: CSS class to apply on main wrapper div that holds all other elements.


[wpds_domain_search placeholder=”Enter domain search” button_text=”Search” action=”” show_tabs=”no” html_class=”ultids_ds”]

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